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Sunday Gathering

10:30 AM

2035 - 26 A Street SW

Music Director: Anthony Burbidge

Join us the 3rd Sunday of every month for Friendship Sunday.  

Bring a friend and enjoy the Community Potluck following the Sunday morning gathering. 

Are you, or do you know, a spirit- lead speaker with a message/talk  

that would inspire and empower our community? 

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DR Jelusich

August 3, 2014

Speaker: Dr. Jelusich


"Be Still, and Know"


We are spiritual beings, enjoying a co-existence in the physical realm. That essence of the Divine Love of the Creator beats eternally within the core of our being. Have we but to accept the LOVE that IS: we realize the Contentment through Divine Awareness.


Rev. Dr. Jelusich is an author, teacher, gifted spiritual energy healer, experienced international speaker, ordained Reverend and on the Board of Trustees of Universal Church of the Master in the U.S. As a strongly gifted intuitive, Dr. Jelusich sees that you are a luminous being of light experiencing a physical existence. Richard feels how the soul-quality infuses itself into our waking personality. While uniquely blending energy work, spirituality and science within his workshops, public speaking events and private sessions, Dr. Jelusich continues to offer new ways to demystify metaphysics. Offering wonderful choices in personal awareness, Dr. Jelusich helps clients/ students self-empower through honoring their natural gifts and inner truth. Dr. Jelusich has developed a powerfully transformational 18 level, Spiritual Healers' Training for the Whole Human Being program, teaching students in Canada and the U.S. He has authored two books on the chakras, Eye of the Lotus, and I Can Relate, and has produced 22 episodes of Metaphysics 101 for educational television.



 Rev. Carrie 2014

August 10, 2014

Speaker: Rev. Carrie Hunter


"Wired for Miracles"


Do you believe in miracles?  Are you looking for one in your life – something that will bring you true contentment so that you are living in a state of grace? This is the time to remember the truth of who you are – REALLY!  In, “This Thing Called Life,  Ernest Holmes wrote:   “The Power of God within us is like a sleeping giant which must be awakened so that it can spring into action.”  But how do we awaken that Power within us?  How do stay in alignment with the Divine – the Source of everything in the universe? Rev. Carrie Hunter delves into Universal Principles to remind us in a practical, spiritual way, how to make our lives a living miracle.



Rev. Carrie Hunter came to ministry after a long, successful career as a journalist, a writer-producer in television; then President of the Banff World Television Festival; and as a consultant in strategic planning, marketing and fundraising. Her clients have included the Vatican’s official licensing agency, Illuminata Films; and the United Nations as well as major film studios and non-profit agencies.


She is a heart-centred minister in a trans-denominational faith and was the founder of the Agape Centre for Spiritual Living in Vancouver, Canada. Prior to that, she was a staff minister at the White Rock Centre for Spiritual Living for four years and has spoken in many New Thought churches in North America. She recently relocated back to Banff where she is a life coach and her clients come to her for business coaching, spiritual coaching and counselling, personal development, career development; and preparation for interviews for new jobs. She is sought after to do ceremonies – “straight from her heart” - which lead people through the various passages of their lives – weddings, christenings, baby blessings and naming ceremonies; memorial services, home and office blessings. She recently added “author” to her resume, having submitted her first two books to Hay House for publication.  (Publication dates to be announced).


Rev. Carrie’s passion is ministry in all its forms. She loves teaching spiritual classes and leading workshops and retreats on personal development and the creation of a rich inner life.






August 17, 2014

Speaker: Janet Law






 Katie Grinham

August 24, 2014

Speaker: Katie Grinham


"The Creative and Healing Power of the WORD"





 Pat Ball

August 31, 2014

Speaker: Rev. Pat Ball


"A Labour of Love"





Most of us have to work to exist. But by using Spiritual Law and consciously and creatively expressing the good of God, we can be like the lilies of the fields -- and not toil nor spin, but simply BE. . .be open and receptive to our good!

Come and hear how we can manifest our good more easily when we labour with love in our hearts -- no matter what the work is that we do! 


Rev Pat Ball is the founding and senior minister of Unity Ministry in Motion, an alternative Unity ministry formed to "nurture and coach seeds of Unity in Canada to fruition". Currently she is overseeing four Unity Study Groups -- two in Ontario -- Parry Sound and Newmarket, one in Moncton, New Brunswick, and one in Brandon, Manitoba.  She is also a mentor appointed by Unity Canada to guide and coach established Unity ministries and is serving here at Unity of Calgary.

Rev Pat is one of Unity Canada's certified Peacemaking Consultants, the Judicatory Representative Alternate for Canada, and Chair of the Expansion team for Unity Worldwide Ministries. She is also a Certified Spiritual Coach and a Quantum Coach.

Because of her presence here in Calgary, she is an integral part of our Unity community, teaching Unity classes and speaking several Sundays a month. Rev Pat is available for Spiritual Counseling upon request.



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