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February 1, 2015

Speaker:  Govert van Ginkel

"Empathy and you; how to live a balanced life"


When we think about empathy, it mostly is about others, but what about you?


Do you know what it is to have empathy for yourself?
When our essence is of God and therefor we are inherently good, doesn’t it stand to reason then to look at how we treat ourselves?
I see our journey of life as an inevitable and necessary process of self discovery, perhaps you do too. 
We may start out as an empty page but soon the impressions that life makes upon us start to fill the page and in the process we may loose the sense of who we really are.
Life can be a mystery and a paradoxical puzzle I agree, and it can make us focus outward looking for answers on how to make ours better.
Most of us have not learned how to take care of ourselves particularly well.
And how could you if your page has been filled by other peoples' demands and needs? 
And we may hold subconscious beliefs we were taught that actually prevent us from being in tune with ourselves.
It is not easy to change this when the choice to take care of yourself, seems to mean that you say NO to others.
The way out of this dilemma is what this talk is about.  And there is a way out!  
Out of my own experience and understanding I will share with you what I learned about Self Empathy.
I will give you examples and you will possibly discover that it is okay just being you by finding the Go(o)d in you too.
Govert van Ginkel LL.M is a trainer, coach and facilitator in the field of human connection and conflict resolution. 
He lives both in The Netherlands where he was born and in Canada. He participates in The Platform for Restorative Justice, The Platform for Restorative Circles, the Expert Center for Restorative Justice in Education. He also is a facilitator/trainer for Restorative Justice in Education, the Alternatives to Violence Project, Nonviolent Communication and is a public speaker at conferences.
Govert practiced law, managed a legal affairs department and was district chairman for an industrial tribunal. He has studied system blindness relative to the origins of conflict and social development of communities. Govert has worked with a wide range of people and companies from CEO’s to inmates and from banks to NGO’s. Govert is a passionate and humorous speaker who enjoys bringing insight in playful ways. To find out more about Govert find him on Youtube where you will find some of his videos in English.




February 8, 2015

Speaker:  Sig Taylor

"Lose the scorecard and win in love"

Followed by a workshop - see more info below 


Sig Taylor is a highly respected Calgary marriage counsellor and psychotherapist specializing in helping couples create love and joy in their relationships. For nearly 30 years, Sig has helped thousands change their lives and improve their intimate relationships. His entertaining workshops and talks are filled with wisdom, passion, humour and practical tools.  

Sig Taylor's workshop following the service:

"In relationships, what matters most is love. The rest is negotiable." 

Keeping score in relationships doesn't work. The only marriages that are truly happy are ones based on love. When the infatuation of a new relationship begins to fade, couples often start focusing on their own needs and the toxic habit of score-keeping begins. It can happen slowly at first but it inevitably leads to conflict, unhappiness and often divorce. Score-keeping is the exact opposite of love. Love is really about the OTHER, that is, making your partner's needs more important than your own sometimes. When you truly love someone, you WANT to make them happy and you want to bring out the best in them. Are you bringing out the best or the worst in your partner? In this workshop, you'll learn practical skills, tools and strategies that are guaranteed to make your partner (and you) happier. You'll find out how to create a love-based relationship that is filled with lasting joy and satisfaction. 







 Pat Ball 2014

February 15, 2015

Speaker:  Pat Ball

"Hyacinths for the Soul" 

The Quest, Unity’s book of metaphysical teachings and the inspiration for this year’s theme “A Journey of Spiritual Discovery”, has an entire chapter on the subject of Love, and one section of that chapter deals with self-love. The Quest’s authors, Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla, clearly state the importance of loving ourselves. They say, “Loving others is impossible until we love ourselves.”  Today we explore why and how this statement is true, and the impact it has on our lives.
Rev. Pat Ball is the founding and senior minister of Unity Ministry in Motion, an alternative Unity ministry formed to "nurture and coach seeds of Unity in Canada to fruition". Currently she is overseeing four Unity Study Groups -- two in Ontario -- Parry Sound and Newmarket, one in Moncton, New Brunswick, and one in Brandon, Manitoba. She is also a mentor appointed by Unity Canada to guide and coach established Unity ministries and is serving here at Unity of Calgary.



 susan cullen

February 22, 2015

Speaker:  Susan Cullen

"Swimming in an Ocean of Love"


In Unity philosophy, “God” is the loving, creative force of the Universe and is everywhere present.  We are literally swimming in an ocean of love! But in our society, we often feel separate and alone. Susan will explore these ideas and how we can tap into and use the power of love to change our lives and all of humanity; to live from a place of oneness and connection rather than separation.
Susan has been involved in Unity for ten years and has been President of the Board of Directors since 2012.  She is a Certified Life Coach with an ACC designation from the International Coach Federation. Her coaching focuses on creating success by reconnecting clients with their true self and assisting them to create a life of grace and ease, filled with peace, abundance and wellness.  Susan’s clients range from lawyers to stay-at-home moms to business people, both in person in Calgary, Alberta and over the phone.  Her clients appreciate her intelligence, positive approach and insight. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )






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