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Pat Ball 2014

December 21, 2014

Unity Friendship Sunday Potluck
Bring a friend and enjoy the Community Potluck following the Sunday morning gathering. 

Speaker: Rev. Pat Ball

 "Don't Let the Grinch Steal Your Christmas!"

Rev Pat Ball is the founding and senior minister of Unity Ministry in Motion, an alternative Unity ministry formed to "nurture and coach seeds of Unity in Canada to fruition". Currently she is overseeing four Unity Study Groups -- two in Ontario -- Parry Sound and Newmarket, one in Moncton, New Brunswick, and one in Brandon, Manitoba. She is also a mentor appointed by Unity Canada to guide and coach established Unity ministries and is serving here at Unity of Calgary.

Rev Pat is one of Unity Canada's certified Peacemaking Consultants, the Judicatory Representative Alternate for Canada, and Chair of the Expansion team for Unity Worldwide Ministries. She is also a Certified Spiritual Coach and a Quantum Coach.

Because of her presence here in Calgary, she is an integral part of our Unity community, teaching Unity classes and speaking several Sundays a month. Rev Pat is available for Spiritual Counseling upon request.


Special Musical Guest and Director

Christmas Sing Along

Patty Shortreed

Patty Shortreed Headshot 2011-03-25 5147A

Patty’s music career began at age eleven when she won the school talent contest. By eighteen she was playing professionally at such notable venues as the Banff Springs Hotel and the Calgary Petroleum Club. After a career in the corporate world she returned to her musical roots and re-awakened her voice mid-life, performing in Canada and the United States in both private and popular public venues and self-produced concerts. Patty founded Calgary's "One World Choir" and produced three solo CDs featuring original works. One highlight of her career was singing on Oprah’s stage.


Bringing the joy of music and authentic expression into people's lives is one of Patty’s greatest pleasures. Trained in both classical and pop genres, she excels at teaching people how to connect with their audience through their voice or music. As a professional musician, recording artist, concert performer, and music teacher, she specifically offers coaching and instruction in voice, piano, music theory and performance.




Alara and drum

Healing Circle
December 21, 2014

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


"Solstice Healing

Circle and Indoor

Sacred Fire


In celebration of the co-generative power of the Winter Solstice and the New Moon join Alara Payten for a healing circle and indoor sacred fire ceremony on Sunday, December 21st, 1 - 3 pm.

Alara will take you on a guided meditation for healing, and for gathering the gifts of wisdom available to you as you remember the Truth of who you are as a Divine Co-Creator of your life. 

Using intuitively spoken words, toning and the heartbeat of her 80 cm Community Mother Drum, Soletê - Golden1, she will take you on a portal journey through the doorway of your own Sacred Heart.

Hands on healing will be offered to those wishing to receive.

The drum portal journey will be followed by an indoor Sacred Fire Ceremony to call forth your good for the winter season. As the days start to lengthen once again your desires are empowered to fruition by the energy of the New Moon.


Sacred Fire  Drum Portal FB header

FEE: By Love Offering (50 / 50 split with Unity and Alara)


1. A thick mat to lie on if you wish to lay around the drum
2. A blanket to cover yourself
3. Pillow if desired
4. Water bottle

Need more info?

Contact Alara Payten by:
- private message on Facebook
- email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- phone 403 460 370


Alara Payten is passionate about creating a sacred container for others to remember the truth of who they really are. Using the healing arts, ceremonial arts and creative arts, Alara’s spiritual intuitive nature guides participants to access their own sacred heart wisdom to empower and enhance their lives.

24 years of practice as a Physical Therapist, (under the name of Brenda Hope Gibbs), supports her expertise as an Sacred Inner Journey facilitatator, energy worker and Community Mother Drum Portal Journey guide.

Her work with individuals frees women who are sick and tired of being prisoners of their own past. She offers a sacred space for life transformation as she guides each woman to reclaim their personal power, their authentic voice and their empowered choice.



burning bowl

December 28, 2014

Speaker: Alara Payten


"The Burning Bowl and Letter to God Meditation"


The Burning Bowl Ceremony and Letter to God Meditation are opportunities to take back our personal power from the people and the circumstances that we gave it away to.

For those of us who've done this process before, we might be tempted to say, “I've already done this, why would I need to it again?"

I invite you to be aware that it’s like peeling an onion – as we evolve and grow, more layers, more out-dated beliefs, more un-reconciled wounds of our past reveal themselves to be presenced, honoured and integrated or released. Each time we allow ourselves to truly be in the moment, new possibilities arise because we are ever-expanding beings and no two experiences are ever exactly the same.

The most important thing to know at this time is that we are never alone in this process. We are always guided by Spirit; the Spirit that helps us step into living in the heaven on earth that we co-create when we live in the Truth of our Divine Being-ness, our Essence, our Christ-Self.

Whatever we need to integrate, or to let go of, we invite our Holy Spirit — and our whole spirit – to reveal it to us and to enter fully into this sacred process with us, as us.


Alara Payten combines spiritual intuition and sacred heart wisdom to help men and women make peace with their past, so they can reclaim their power and liberate their lives. 

24 years of practice as a Physical Therapist, (under the name of Brenda Hope Gibbs), supports her expertise as a Sacred Inner Journey Facilitator, Spiritual Intuitive Energy Alchemist, Soul Song Energy Blessing Transmitter and Community Mother Drum Portal Journey Guide.

Alara’s unique approach frees men and women who are sick and tired of being prisoners of their own past. She creates sacred space for compassionate transformation and guides her soul brothers and sisters to reclaim their personal power, their authentic voice and their empowered choice. 

Make Peace With Your Past, so you can...

Reclaim Your Power & Liberate Your Life

(Alara is also known as Brenda Hope Gibbs)





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